Every project manager knows that it doesn’t matter how much your energy audit reveals in potential savings if you can’t raise the dollars to implement the recommendations. With various business needs competing for limited resources, energy projects are sometimes deferred resulting in lost opportunities. Sometimes, they are sacrificed altogether even though we know that the cost of doing nothing is something—usually something we come to regret.

To help ensure that your efficiency improvement project is implemented and you achieve your targeted waste reduction goals, the Energy Sciences team can identify funding sources to offset the cost of implementing your project. Energy efficiency measures, such as new building controls and HVAC system retro-commissioning are often eligible for utility rebates. Tax deductions may be available for projects that improve the energy performance of your HVAC, lighting and/or building envelope systems over a baseline of ASHRAE 90.1-2001 or 90.1-2007, depending on when the building was built.  And, many energy waste reduction projects can be fully supported with low interest Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing, which carries the added benefit of assigning the loan to the property rather than the business entity.  Energy Sciences can research these and other funding sources so you can move forward with your project seamlessly and without delay.

We will also coordinate with the equipment suppliers to fulfill the technical documentation and savings verification requirements, complete the applications on your behalf and manage the submission process for you. Funds from rebates and tax credits can be directly applied to offset implementation costs, used to start another project or reinvested in your business.  Whether you are a government entity or a commercial enterprise, if your project involves purchasing new equipment, modifying existing equipment or embarking on a journey for strategic energy management, Energy Sciences can help you identify, fund and implement your project. Contact us today to learn more about:

  • Utility Incentives

  • Energy Efficiency Grants

  • MI Saves Financing

  • Lean and Green Michigan PACE Financing

  • 179D- Energy Efficiency Commercial Building Tax Deduction

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