Agricultural energy use is more than a little different from energy use in commercial, industrial and institutional markets. Also, energy use varies widely amongst agricultural processes. For example, dairy farms use energy differently than poultry farms do and granaries use energy very differently than greenhouses do. Appreciating these variations can be the differentiator between a meaningful agricultural energy audit report and one that is woefully inadequate.

Conservatively, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) estimates the energy waste reduction opportunity in the agricultural sector to be roughly one billion dollars annually. Over the last decade, the engineers, scientists and Certified Energy Managers at Energy Sciences have been working with Michigan farmers and agribusiness clients to help them reach their savings potential. Beginning with ASABE S612 compliant audit procedures, Energy Sciences has identified waste reduction opportunities in areas of the protection, processing and storage of grains and beans as well as in the processing of farm animal products and the housing and processing of dairy cows.

Whether your project involves a grain elevator or irrigation pumping system that could benefit from a variable frequency drive, a waste heat reclamation opportunity, foundation and sidewall insulation for greenhouses or long day lighting for increased dairy production, the engineers and energy managers of Energy Sciences can help you identify and economically justify the most practical and far-reaching opportunities for your application. Give us a call to find out how we can help you reach your energy savings potential with:

  • Efficient Lighting

  • Building Tune-up/Retro-Commissioning Programs

  • Industrial Equipment & Process Retro-commissioning

  • Strategic Energy Management

  • Strategic Capital Planning

  • Incentive/Rebate Processing

  • Compressed Air Leak Detection and Repair

  • Turn-Key Solutions

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