At Energy Sciences, we have an acute understanding of the unique needs and requirements of the utility industry, including but not limited to regulatory requirements, diverse facility types, customer service requirements, public perception and aged infrastructure. We leverage a deep understanding that comes from direct experience to help you define and meet both your corporate and customer facing program goals for energy efficiency and sustainability. To do this, Energy Sciences provides two distinct channels of service to utility companies; Facilities Efficiency Consulting and Energy Efficiency Program Implementation.

Facilities Efficiency Consulting

We partner with you to optimize and reduce operating costs of your diverse portfolio of facilities, including: commercial, warehousing, repair, and generation. Through decades of experience assessing and managing these facilities, Energy Sciences brings an unparalleled ability to increase efficiency in a cost effective and sustainable way. Services we offer include:

Energy Efficiency Program Implementation

Instead of implementing a broad portfolio of energy efficiency programs, Energy Sciences focuses on providing best in class, engineering driven incentive programs for your commercial and industrial customers. We work with both utilities and implementation contractors to provide specialized technical program services to enhance program and portfolio performance. Designed to achieve optimal savings in a cost-effective manner, Energy Sciences programs and services focus on achieving deep and sustainable reductions in both usage and demand within the commercial and industrial sectors.

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