Industrial Systems and Processes are the largest energy consumers in a manufacturing environment. Energy Sciences leverages years of direct to customer and utility support experience to create customized programs to meet your unique industrial customer base. We understand how to cost effectively work with trade allies and industrial facilities to identify and eliminate energy waste, helping them understand process and system optimization can be one of the greatest impact initiatives a business can undertake to increase profitability, productivity and reduce operating costs.

Our staff, including Certified Energy Managers (CEMs) and Certified Energy Auditors (CEAs) work with customers to develop process assessments that profile energy usage, establish baselines, and identify program measures that best fit to achieve sustainable energy reduction. Included measures and incentive levels support current offerings and are defined in collaboration with you to ensure maximum impact.

Energy Sciences will partner with you to design, budget and implement a cost effective and sustaining Industrial Systems program. Our program managers, M&V specialists, engineers, and project managers work with customers to design and implement tactical strategies to reduce energy consumption and waste. From program deployment to EM&V, we can design and implement cost effective program solutions to help you meet you meet your savings goals and increase customer satisfaction.

Let us assist you with executing:

  • Program Design and Modeling

  • Pilot Implementation

  • Complete Program Implementation

  • Customer Training

  • Outreach and Recruitment

  • Measurement and Verification

  • Trade Ally Training and Recruitment

  • Program Management

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