Utility Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Programs engage participating customers in taking their energy management to the next level, driving savings and engagement in energy efficiency. Energy Sciences provides comprehensive Strategic Energy Management Programs that support participating customers in going beyond just understanding where they are, where they want to be and a road map to get there, to teaching self-sustainable improvement at low incentive costs with measurable savings impacts.

Our program designs leverage the foundations of Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence and Total Quality Management, to create sustainable programs that engage customers far past the incentive periods, producing long term savings proliferation and increased participation in other program offerings. Our Strategic Energy Management Programs can take on the heavy work of implementing incremental projects that build on the results of previous initiatives and that continually advance the energy performance of customer assets—whether they are whole buildings, building systems or industrial process equipment.

At Energy Sciences, we understand that strategic energy management is both a gateway and savings driving opportunity. Our program managers, M&V specialists, engineers, cultural change agents and project managers work with customers to design and implement tactical strategies to reduce energy consumption and create a cultural shift within organizations. From program deployment to EM&V, we can design and implement cost effective program solutions to help you meet you meet your savings goals and increase customer satisfaction.

Let us assist you with executing:

  • Program Design and Modeling

  • Pilot Implementation

  • Complete SEM Program Implementation

  • Customer Training

  • Outreach and Recruitment

  • Measurement and Verification

  • Energy Champion and Team Coaching

  • Program Management

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