Trade ally and customer outreach are essential to program performance and health. With more than a decade of experience in working with both utilities and their customer, Energy Sciences has developed best in class outreach and training capabilities. High quality trainings and outreach can result in more effective energy programs, by increasing participation, measures identification, project close rates, reducing cycle times, and improvements realization rates.

Energy Sciences’ core competencies are built on the years of experience directly assisting commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal clients create self-sufficient, sustainable and replicable energy efficiency programs. By engaging the local business community and organizations, we work within the community to create uptake and valuation. In doing this, both trade allies and customers are educated and informed, building value in program participation, providing recruitment opportunities, project support, and specialized training to maximize performance and program participation.

Our approach is designed to empower participants, therefore driving long term sustainability of savings and the program itself. We work to train on how to identify savings opportunities, implement projects and track results, but to also act as catalysts for energy awareness and cultural change within their organizations. We offer an array of custom-designed programs for outreach, on-site classroom sessions, interactive workshops and webinars cover various topics:

  • Full Portfolio Program Outreach

  • Program Specific Outreach and Training

  • Trade Ally Recruitment

  • Sales Training for Trade Allies

  • Energy Advisors

  • Strategic Energy Management Trainings

  • Industrial Systems Trainings

  • Energy Consumption Analysis and Mapping

  • Strategic Energy Management Plan Development

  • Employee Engagement & Support

  • Treasure Hunting: The Energy Audit Process

  • Energy Savings Measurement & Verification

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