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Empower your Community to Thrive Sustainably

Partner with Energy Sciences to create a cleaner, greener, brighter future for your community.

At Energy Sciences, environmental stewardship isn’t just a concept; it’s the heart of our mission woven into who we are and reflected in everything we do. Our work with municipalities is firmly based on the belief that sustainability isn’t just a dream for a select few but a future every community deserves. Our industry experts equip you with the support, knowledge, and tools your community needs to generate positive change. Together, we can make an enduring future as vibrant and diverse as the communities we serve.


Adapting to mitigating the risks of climate change


Engaging the Community


Building a resilient and economically secure future

What We Believe In

We believe in a triple-bottom-line approach to our work because we know that building a thriving community and creating a brighter future is a process that requires balance and harmony. With our expert team guiding you every step of the way, you’ll achieve long-term economic prosperity, cultivate resilience, and elevate everyone’s quality of life.

Sustainable Solutions with Real Results

Reducing your carbon footprint, optimizing energy usage, and slashing costs with proven comprehensive solutions are just the beginning – our work goes beyond numbers. It profoundly impacts communities, transforming public health, bolstering resilience, and preserving precious resources. Together, we can create a future with reduced greenhouse gas and emissions, impactful energy savings, impressive waste diversion rates, and water conservation. Here’s how we can join forces to elevate your quality of life and connect you to the resources you need:

Grant Assistance

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Selection & Application Assistance, Community Benefits Agreements, Justice40

We understand the importance of funding for your important projects and initiatives, and we’re here to ensure you maximize your efforts and bring your vision to life. We’re dedicated to assisting you in crafting applications that captivate funders and unlock the resources you need.

Sustainability & Climate Action Plans

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Sustainable Actions Assessments, Plan Document Development, Action Plan Approach

Our team of experts is dedicated to supporting local governments in identifying and amplifying their sustainable practices with our tailor-made solutions so that every decision, every project, and every action contributes to a better, brighter future. We have the tools and expertise to guide you with a carefully crafted plan to positively impact your community and our planet.

Community Engagement

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Focus Groups, Collaboration with Service Organizations & Non-Profits, Identifying & Engaging Underserved Groups

Teaming up with us connects you with consultants and dedicated advisors, collaborators, and allies; it’s harnessing the power of effective communication to spark meaningful conversations and inspire change in your community. Whether your needs are elevated communication strategies, engaging content creation, or impactful outreach campaigns, we’ve got you covered!


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Facility Energy Audits, Integration with Capital Improvement & Strategic Plans, Project Management

Though our team specializes solutions development, we don’t stop there – we are project managers ready to navigate through challenges and overcome any obstacles that stand in your way of implementing your plans. We understand that the implementation stage can be daunting, with resource constraints and logistical complexities. We’re here to provide practical assistance, turning those challenges into stepping stones toward tangible and enduring results.

Ready to Transform Your Municipality with Sustainable Planning Solutions?