Improving energy performance is not solely about capital-intensive measures. The real opportunities lie in the way building stakeholders operate and maintain facilities every day. Whether a building’s systems are simple or complex, tuning building and process equipment to current requirements is critical to any energy reduction strategy.

Building Systems Commissioning for new buildings and Retro-Commissioning for existing buildings are proven strategies to make sure systems are properly set up and operating in the most efficient, optimized manner, using a systematic process for identifying and implementing operational and maintenance improvements for enhanced performance over time.

The strength of Energy Sciences’ approach to the commissioning process is the ability to customize the approach and robustness of the process to fit each individual project’s needs and budget, working towards solving root cause problems for operational issues and helping operations staff find ways to save energy without sacrificing building comfort.

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  • Commissioning Verification, Optimization, and Training

  • Retro-Commissioning Assessments, Diagnostics, Implementation, Optimization, and Training

  • Building Health Assessments

  • Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis

  • Optimized Performance of Building Subsystems and their Interoperability

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