Community and workplace Energy Education & Awareness Programs can result in more effective energy policies, best-in-class operational standards and marked improvements in energy conservation.

Energy Sciences’ core competencies lie in helping our commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal clients create self-sufficient, sustainable and replicable energy efficiency programs. We support our clients in establishing and meeting their energy performance improvement goals by providing comprehensive and customized training for their purchasing, human resources and primary functional staff as well as their building operators, maintenance personnel and facility managers. For nearly a decade, Energy Sciences has developed training and energy management programs on behalf of clients who then foster them to deliver tangible results year after year.

Our training modules are designed to empower employees to not only identify savings opportunities, implement projects and track results, but to also act as catalysts for energy awareness and cultural change within their organizations. The Energy Sciences SiStemTM, a time-tested and proven approach to discovering the most practical solution to a client’s energy efficiency challenges, helps to establish a fundamental framework that supports strategic energy management and planning within our clients’ organizations. We can provide an array of services from program development and coaching to implementation and project management to embedded subject matter experts.

Using our ES SiStemTM, we can work with your team to design a custom training course and implementation program to help your organization adopt a strategic approach to energy management and sustainability that will produce measurable savings. Custom-built programs for on-site classroom sessions, interactive workshops and webinars cover various topics in strategic energy management including:

  • Building Operation Basics

  • Strategic Energy Management Basics

  • Energy Baselining, Benchmarking and Tracking

  • Lighting System Operation Control and Assessment

  • HVAC System Operation Control and Assessment

  • Service Water Operation Control and Assessment

  • Energy Consumption Analysis and Mapping

  • Strategic Energy Management Plan Development

  • Employee Engagement & Support

  • Treasure Hunting: The Energy Audit Process

  • Energy Savings Measurement & Verification

  • Continuous Commissioning: Planning for the Persistence of Energy Savings

  • Purchasing Policies for Energy Management

Want to Learn More About Energy Awareness?

Our experts can provide program development, coaching, and a strong framework to support your workplace energy efficiency goals.