Facility Energy Assessments are the foundation for developing a comprehensive energy management strategy for buildings. Our Certified Energy Managers (CEMs) and Certified Energy Auditors (CEAs) perform tailored facility assessments that profile utility usage, establish baseline measurements, and identify practical, economically viable and sustainable energy reduction opportunities. The assessments can comprise evaluation of building systems including the building envelope, lighting, HVAC and domestic hot water.

Energy Sciences can customize your assessments based on need, budget and time. With that in mind, we offer a host of Facility Energy Assessment services including:

  • ASHRAE Commercial Building Assessments

  • Energy Inventory and Mapping
  • Building Controls Evaluation
  • Water Balance Surveys
  • HVAC Assessments
  • Building Air Balance Studies
  • Lighting Assessments
  • Custom Surveys and Assessments

“The people of Energy Sciences are knowledgeable in many areas of energy management, and offer incredibly helpful insight on project challenges. They are professional, friendly and fun to work with. Everyone is very personable and my experience working with their team was extremely positive. I appreciate their thoroughness and the great amount of care and attention to their work.”

Kendal Kuneman, Interim Energy Manager

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