For companies ready to take their energy management to the next level, Energy Sciences provides comprehensive Strategic Energy Management Programs that go beyond just helping clients understand where they are, where they want to be and a road map to get there. Before establishing Energy Sciences, our founders worked in the automotive and utility industries where they became experts in Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence and Total Quality Management. Today, these time-tested, strategic business philosophies undergird everything we do.

That’s why our Strategic Energy Management Programs can take on the heavy work of implementing incremental projects that build on the results of previous initiatives and that continually advance the energy performance of your assets—whether they are whole buildings, building systems or industrial process equipment.

At Energy Sciences, we understand that strategic energy management is not confined to the mechanical room. Our engineers, cultural change agents and project managers design and implement tactical strategies that range from equipment replacements and system retro-commissioning to culture-shifting energy education and awareness programs to capital planning and purchasing policy-making. From energy procurement to building operations, we can design and implement strategic solutions to help you meet your energy related business goals.

Let us assist you with executing:

  • Building Operational Controls and Policies for Energy Efficiency

  • Capital Planning for Persistent Energy Efficiency

  • Continuous Energy Efficiency Improvement

  • Corporate Energy Efficiency Policies for Purchasing

  • Energy Action Planning and Implementation

  • Energy Consumption Model Development

  • Energy Efficiency Capital Investment Plans

  • Energy Mapping

  • Energy Champion and Team Coaching

  • Employee Engagement, Awareness and Education Programs

  • Establishing Energy Performance Improvement Objectives and Targets

  • Internal Energy Audits and Treasure Hunts

  • Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Initiatives

  • Project Management

  • Savings Measurement and Verification

  • Sustainability Plan Development and Implementation

  • and more….

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