the quality of being useful, practical, and right for its purpose

(Cambridge Dictionary)

For buildings, facilities, environments, commissioning and retro-commissioning is the pursuit of functionality. Making sure systems work properly, affordably, reliably, and comfortably.



the good use of time and energy in a way that does not waste any

(Cambridge Dictionary)

For manufacturing processes, commissioning and retro-commissioning is the pursuit of efficiency. The result is capacity, productivity, longevity, and savings.


Thinking about something new? Commissioning is the process of optimizing new building systems and new industrial processes. ES engineers and energy specialists put the science of energy into practice to analyze, optimize, and verify that your new facilities and processes are properly set up, meeting expectations, and operating in the most efficient manner.

ES works with you, your team, contractors, and suppliers to identify your specific needs and pursue a customized program to meet them. We focus our energy background and knowledge on your requirements and goals to make sure your facilities and processes start off right.


Something not working right? Is there a chronic problem? Improving efficiency and functionality isn’t always about capital-intensive updates and investment. Real and substantial energy, capacity, comfort, and cost efficiency opportunities lie in retro-commissioning – giving your current facilities or industrial processes a professional “tune-up.”

The ES team has the experience and the creds.* We work with you to design and implement a program that fits your needs and budget, leverages our utilities contacts and knowledge, identifies, and resolves root causes, saves energy, and often results in lower operating costs.

Our staff of degreed engineers and specialists hold various industry recognized certifications and licenses in their fields.
They get letters after their names, while you get the very best commissioning and retro-commissioning program design and implementation.

*Our team includes:

Professional Engineers (PE)

Certified Lighting Efficiency Professionals (CLEP)

Certified Demand-Side Managers (CDSM)

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Accredited Professionals (LEED-AP)

Certified Energy Auditors (CEA)

Certified Energy Managers (CEM)

Certified Measurement &
Verification Professionals (CMVP)

Certified Sustainable Development Professionals (CSDP)

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