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Make a positive, cleaner impact on the world.

Energy Efficiency Solutions for Sustainability

Our passion for establishing decarbonization programs, locating green incentives, and hunting for energy savings allows us to help commercial and industrial clients identify and eliminate waste. We provide Project-Based Energy Consulting, Energy Efficiency Program Implementation, Energy Efficiency as a Solution (EEAS), and Owner’s Representative for Design-And-Build Projects.

If you are starting to consider a decarbonization program and are not sure where to start, our team can help you directly identify the right path to match your goal. Reach out to us here to set up a time to have a thoughtful conversation about your goals.

Energy Consulting

Can eco-responsibility also be fiscal responsibility? The answer is yes! We can help you curate a comprehensive plan to meet both your sustainability goals and operational savings objectives.

Whether you have an existing facility or a newly constructed building, our team of experts is ready to conquer the energy use challenges and complexities of building systems and industrial processes.


The hot topics in building performance are energy efficiency, electrification, and renewable energy, and sitting squarely at their intersection is the reduction of carbon emissions. We provide all necessary services to help you develop a successful Carbon Reduction Master Plan for commercial and industrial facilities.

• Carbon baseline for scope 1, 2 emissions, identifying on-site electrification  opportunities, and defining site specific renewable and clean energy opportunities

• ASHRAE level I, II, III energy audits

• Targeted energy efficiency treasure hunts for carbon free assessment

• Carbon reduction master plan

• Energy efficiency project funding options

System Optimization

Are you looking to make sure your building systems work properly, affordably, reliably, and comfortably? Tell us about your commercial or industrial facility HVAC, lighting systems or processes and together we can plan and develop a comprehensive energy management strategy. Our strategic approach to energy management includes capital planning for energy efficiency as well as efficient operations of existing equipment.

• Process steam traps and compressed air systems

• Functional Testing

• Facility exterior and interior lighting systems assessment

• HVAC systems

• Commissioning and Retro-commissioning

Energy Consulting Solutions:

Commissioning, Retro-Commissioning

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Program Implementation

Since 2008, we have managed all types of energy efficiency programs, pilots, and research initiatives across commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors for companies across the Midwest. Cultivating proven energy efficiency programs that save on energy costs and reduce the stress on your building systems. From smaller commissioning, functional testing  projects and new-builds, to corporate and state-wide energy efficiency programs – our experience in creating sustainable outcomes is expansive.

In addition to creating a custom energy efficiency program with our technical team, we can also work with you to coordinate and track progress, as well as help effectively communicate your innovative new program internally and externally. We can help you every step of the way.

Program Implementations Solutions:

Energy Efficiency as a Service

Our motto? Collaboration always wins. By building bridges and sharing knowledge together we can tackle greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. We provide energy efficiency as a service (EEAS) for facilities and other professional services companies.

Our embedded subject matter experts also have access to valuable resources, including the considerable depth and breadth of energy management knowledge of the entire Energy Sciences team.

Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEAS) Solutions:

Owner’s Representative

The owner representative is responsible for representing the owner’s interest throughout all project phases from inception planning and design to construction, completion and close out.

Whether your design-build HVAC or energy efficiency project is a single system retrofit or a major building systems upgrade, our team will provide owner’s representative services related to HVAC, lighting, energy efficiency and on-site decarbonization.

We can support your team through every phase from from RFP development to project implementation. Our goal is to lead projects that are completed not just on time and within budget, but also in a sustainable manner that helps protect the longevity of your assets.

Owner’s Representative: