The Journey

Energy efficient design & build projects reduce facility operating costs and emissions by using a holistic building systems approach.

That means Energy Sciences looks at and optimizes all aspects of energy use – keeping in mind building design, construction, and functionality –  before, during and after the build.

For new construction and renovations, it is also important to align with your corporate, local, or federal sustainability requirements and goals. We are experienced at bundling comprehensive energy conservation measures (ECMs) into a whole building approach that maximizes energy savings and return on investment, optimizes capital improvement upgrades, and meets or exceeds corporate and government requirements.

Experienced navigators

Whether your project is a single system retrofit or major building systems upgrade, the ES technical and management team will collaborate with your preferred equipment suppliers, installation contractors, and staff. We can oversee the project and put together the ideal project team under one single point of contact. Our licensed professional engineers and project managers are driven by your goals. Our destination — projects that are completed not just on time and within budget, but also in a sustainable manner that helps protect the longevity of your assets.

Moving forward

An essential step towards implementing any project is securing a highly reliable and competitive source of financing. ES can also help you navigate various financing options while making sure your project benefits from available utility incentive.

Let’s discuss your project.

How can we help you?

Start the journey… are you trying to conserve energy, reduce operating costs, improve facilities systems and process efficiency, create and maintain comfortable, energy-efficient facilities? Tell us about your projects. Together we can develop a strategic, practical, and attainable plan to make them a reality.