Featured Employee – Jake

How does your life’s vision align with the Energy Sciences’ Mission? From initiating a recycling program when I was in middle school to working with a team to build wind turbines using women’s weaving material in Guatemala during college, my lifelong passion for sustainability has continued to evolve. After spending a year working on sustainability [...]

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Will Your Lighting Controls Really Save Energy?

By Sonya M. Pouncy, CEM, CMVP, LEED-AP. Sonya is a senior engineering consultant with Energy Sciences. The firm helps clients meet energy challenges with practical solutions that reduce waste and increase net operating income. If they are Michigan Energy Code (MEC) compliant, the answer is yes. The new MEC, effective as of September 2017, brings [...]

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Featured Employee: Sue

How does your life’s vision align with the Energy Sciences’ Mission? “I strive to be aware of my impact on the world in all areas. I strive to save energy and be more sustainable at home by establishing house rules that support this vision. Some of the things we do in our house are:” A) [...]

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Energy Sciences Receives Best of Michigan Award

DETROIT, MI -- Energy Sciences Resource Partners, LLC, has received The Best of MichBusiness Award as a Sustainable Superhero. This is a new category in the fourth annual recognition of the best of Michigan businesses and was designed to showcase companies that embrace a corporate social responsibility and relentless endeavor to be earth friendly while [...]

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ASHRAE Training

Energy Sciences is currently providing training on the Michigan Commercial Building Energy Code: ASHRAE 90.1-2013. Obtain three hours of Professional Development Hours when attending a half day training session. Full day custom training, on this same topic, available upon request.  For more information, please contact Energy Sciences at info@esciences.us.

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Energy Sciences Joins Detroit 2030 District

The Detroit 2030 District is a private -public community in Detroit which aims to assist building owners & managers in reducing energy, water and greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. The Detroit 2030 District is a part of a national collaboration and is the 16th District in North America.  The Detroit 2030 District is a strategic initiative of the USGBC. Energy Sciences team [...]

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