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Engineers Week: 12 Things our ES Engineers Love about Their Work

February 25, 2022

Founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers in 1951, Engineers Week was created to increase awareness and understanding of engineering and technology professions. Our talented, widely certified team helps our clients and partners identify and eliminate waste to increase energy effectiveness. For Engineers Week 2022, we asked our engineers what they love most about what they do. Here are the 12 things our Energy Engineers love the most about being an engineer at Energy Sciences:

1. “I love understanding our world more deeply and applying that knowledge to solving problems, helping people, and improving our environment.  It’s not every day a typical engineer gets to review something like an industrial chiller design and take comfort in knowing their efforts have helped them and their children enjoy the thriving wilderness on the weekends and in their future.  Energy and sustainability engineering is a fascinating nook with tangible, and critical, benefits to individuals, businesses, society at large, and our natural habitat that will be realized for years to come.”

2. “I love how engineering is equally challenging, stimulating, and rewarding. Solving problems to help make the world a better place makes me never want to stop learning how to do better. New projects & learning how things work is exciting. I have yet to find an engineering-related topic that bores me!”

3. “I’ve been able to use engineering to accelerate my passion for saving energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Engineering has allowed me to have an impact well beyond my personal sphere of influence.”

4. “You’ll be working with a dedicated group of people!”

5. “Finding creative solutions to unique problems!”

6. “I love engineering because it is challenging, never boring, and the creative thinking needed to solve engineering problems can be applied to everyday obstacles as well.”

7. “I love to apply knowledge gained from a variety of experiences to solve real-world problems, and always learning something in the process.”

8. “I love how engineering can take some of the “drama” out of things using science; not that we can explain everything, but most things can either be proven true or not, and the proof is usually in the numbers if you look deep enough. It can turn beliefs into knowledge. I think of the things I have learned as an engineer as the tools in my toolbox, which can then be used to help others, and ultimately, hopefully, make the world a better place in some small way.”

9. “Doing analysis to find a great solution!”

10. “I like incorporating engineering mindset thinking into daily life: fix things, solve problems and find out how things work. Also, I don’t let emotions influence my decisions.”

11. “Engineering helps us innovate and make a positive impact in the world.”

12. “Because engineering provides me with an engaging, creative outlet while I actively help people in the commercial and residential sectors in measurable and impactful ways. In addition, the engineering I practice sits at the intersection of science and social justice; both are passions that keep me going at most challenging times!”

Are you interested in learning more about how our passionate engineers can increase energy effectiveness at your business? Let’s talk!

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