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Myths & Facts from Energy Experts

September 15, 2022

Over the years, the Energy Sciences team has become familiar with common sustainability and energy efficiency myths. When it comes to the breadth and depth of energy consciousness, we recognize that many facets and endless information can be hard to sort through. We’ll break down the myths and facts, so you don’t have to!

Myth: There is no difference between sustainability, eco-friendly, “going green,” etc.

Fact: Sustainability is the ability to satisfy the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It focuses on the future in multiple capacities to finding lasting community prosperity. It is a consideration of all human activity in addition to environmental impacts and trends. Additionally, it considers the life cycle of resources and efficient products, the efficacy in which we use them, the effort to reduce waste and wasteful habits as not to exhaust or sacrifice natural resources, and ultimately making decisions that ensure a healthier future for both businesses and the world. The simplest way to express the difference between all these terms is to say that sustainability is the umbrella that houses additional terms such as eco-friendly or “going green.”

Myth: Sustainability is only about “going green” and recycling.

Fact: While sustainable practices can involve switching to products considered to be eco-friendly or green, that is only a small piece of the bigger picture of sustainability. Energy Sciences puts just as much emphasis on waste reduction; this goes beyond what a business can physically make in waste and into assessing potential solutions for energy waste. Our team looks at everything from staff count to hours of occupation within our office to the temperatures set throughout the day and seasons. We also look at equipment and systems such as lighting and HVAC. A great example of this is the DTE Retro-Commissioning Program we implement on behalf of DTE: Standard and Express. Visit the program website to view case studies from a variety of industries. Every factor determines a repeatable course of action that results in a sustainable business environment.

Myth: It’s too expensive to implement sustainability measures.

Fact: Energy Sciences team members have worked on many projects that have demonstrated, overall, that costs are significantly reduced within the first two years of implementing sustainable practices, programs, and equipment. We acknowledge that every business has different needs and goals when embarking on a sustainability venture. We make it a point to work with each unique set of circumstances that ultimately help companies to reach those goals.

Myth: Temperature control as waste reduction: it takes more energy to adjust a facility’s temperature control during unoccupied hours

Fact: We often hear that it takes more energy to heat back up or cool down a building in the morning during appropriate seasons than to let it maintain a continuous temperature throughout an unoccupied period. We have hundreds of projects that demonstrate that substantial energy savings can be achieved  from implementing a simple schedule and temperature setback during unoccupied times.

Myth: Sustainability changes are just for big companies.

Fact: Sustainability offers the opportunity to be more resourceful, lean, and agile during economic and environmental shifts, which is beneficial regardless of how big or small a company might be. We have outstanding experiences working on sustainability initiatives with both small and big companies as well as facilities of all different sizes; the size itself makes little difference in the grand scheme of things. We have seen that each size company comes with its own advantages and influences, with none being more significant than the other.

Myth: It’s hard to know where to start with making sustainability decisions. 

Fact: That’s where Energy Sciences comes in. We are in the business of creating solutions through thoughtful analysis of any company’s energy goals. We take a strategic and tailored approach to energy management and sustainability to help businesses, governments, and utilities optimize their resources and energy use. We are here to help – contact us to learn more!


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