In a typical building, lighting represents more than 30% of electric energy use. Additionally, interior and exterior lighting significantly impact the workplace environment, worker productivity, safety and security. Proper design of lighting and lighting control systems is critical for energy efficiency, code compliance and a comfortable work setting.

Energy Sciences develops integrated lighting solutions that drive energy optimization without compromising visual acuity and health. Our designs incorporate natural lighting and daylighting controls to positively impact indoor environmental quality. And, we pay attention to details like luminaire architecture to ensure optimal light distribution and to prevent undesirable effects such as light trespass. Our team of Certified Lighting Efficiency Professionals (CLEP’s) can identify the best lighting technology for your business activities whether they be commercial or industrial, interior or exterior. We offer complete lighting system solutions from surveys and the redesign of existing systems to the design of new lighting programs including:

  • Lighting Consulting & Design

  • Specification Development

  • Lighting Assessments

  • Supply Chain Management and Standardization of Components

  • Project Management & Turnkey Solutions