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The Energy of People in Sustainability

January 18, 2024

We begin 2024 at Energy Sciences with an elevated level of excitement for our work. As dedicated stewards to the planet, we believe wholeheartedly that our work in sustainability is a result of using our team’s unique tapestry of knowledge and skills to take the fullest strides towards a cleaner, healthier planet for all living things. With that in mind, we wanted to take the opportunity to shine a light on a different type of energy that influences our field: the energy of people.

The beauty of the sustainability industry is how it benefits greatly from diverse perspectives. It harnesses the energy of people who see how humans impact the planet and the conscious efforts that are made to improve its health. There are many crossovers in a variety of fields ranging from technical to creative: “Sustainability was once predominantly associated with engineers and environmental scientists but has evolved into a diverse industry filled with people from all kinds of backgrounds,” says Kenzie Achatz, Senior Manager of People Services at Energy Sciences. The inclusion of individuals with various concentrations in expertise enriches the industry, helping to foster innovation, integrated problem-solving, and a more comprehensive approach to sustainable practices throughout communities: “Communities and workplaces united by a common goal of sustainability create a ripple effect,” Kenzie expanded. “Going beyond the smaller pools of people, it extends to regional and national levels.”

These cross-over skills, spanning technical and non-technical domains, are pivotal in bridging gaps between different disciplines, skill sets, and cultures. The ability to understand and communicate across various fields, organizations, and demographics facilitates collaboration and creates more cohesive and effective working relationships in general. Experience in business, architecture, marketing, public relations, city planning, education, design, marketing, environmental science, and other non-technical fields brings fresh ideas and innovative solutions. The Energy Sciences team fosters an environment where unique viewpoints can challenge conventional thinking, sparking creativity and driving the industry toward more imaginative and impactful sustainable solutions: “Energy Sciences has made it clear that what I do matters and is valued,” says ES Creative Lead, Laura Henschke, “My creative mind and subsequent skills aids in my ability to communicate technical information in a way the makes it accessible to everyone. Collaboration is key to my every day.”

This is all to say that the sustainability industry has evolved into a multi-faceted field that has become more accessible for a variety of career backgrounds. Energy Sciences has cultivated its core values to mirror the industry’s progression beyond a purely scientific focus, acknowledging the varied nature of environmental challenges. The active involvement of everyone on our team stands as a driving force behind the strides we make in the sustainability sector. By embracing inclusivity, cultivating collaboration, and harnessing diverse skills, we propel innovation and craft a more holistic approach to sustainability. Our impact is magnified through community initiatives and advocacy, while an all-encompassing strategy ensures enduring solutions for a more eco-friendly future. Energy Sciences is proud to be at the forefront of this transformative movement, catalyzing change in the relentless pursuit of a greener tomorrow.

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