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Understanding the Construction of Business Sustainability Policy

September 13, 2023

By now, you are probably familiar with some commonly used buzzwords that fall under the umbrella of sustainability; energy efficiency, clean energy, energy management, and decarbonization are some of them. You may have also noticed that these terms are often associated with goals within a business’ sustainability policy. Since sustainability itself is multi-faceted, we’re going to help look at it in terms of future goals and how to start adapting policies to your business.

Sustainability in Business

There are many methods available to businesses when working to be more energy efficient, reduce energy waste, and strive to achieve a more sustainable model. Everything from recycling to analyzing suppliers could be a method to achieve sustainability. Though the small steps are essential, the goal is to understand their impact on your company and the world.

A misconception about sustainability is that its focus is purely environmental. Although achieving a more sustainable business is for the wellness of the planet and the living things that inhabit it, the key is to examine how to create a conscious environment for your workers in addition to the environmental steps. At its core, sustainability is ensuring that you are doing business in an ethical, scalable, and practical way. How do we achieve sustainability that helps create a positive impact for the entire world and not just the developed one? When looking at it through this lens, larger initiatives are born. The most prominent resources businesses frequently take under advisement when striving to achieve sustainability are the UN-17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) measurement methods.

Ultimately, building a sustainability policy for your business revolves around how your company takes responsibility, how employees are treated, and how the business is managed to support its workers.

The Bigger Picture

Now that we’re looking at sustainability from this angle, it’s easy to see where the more common questions appear. How do we do business in such a way that we engage our stakeholders and remain profitable while being sustainable? How do we put something beneficial and positive into the world?

Considering these big ideas is taking ESG to the next level. More businesses are considering their presence and impact in their communities and the world and shifting how they utilize the funds circulating through them. This is where our services at Energy Sciences come into play. Reducing operating and maintenance costs, examining waste generation, exploring alternatives to how energy is used, considering the comfort and stability of the workplace for your employees, investigating your equipment and your suppliers – setting practical goals and targets using these components are what allow you to invest back into your business.

Simply put: less waste, more profits.

Our Services in Action

While posing these big-picture ideas and looking at the resources available, Energy Sciences also strives to do business ethically and responsibly. We are currently using UN-17 SGDs to shape our business’s next steps. Everything that we do within an initiative creates that little bit of change. Our services, from energy consulting to exploring decarbonization strategies, are available for your business to take its next steps within your long-term sustainability goals and policies. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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