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Energy Sciences Employee Committees

Energy Sciences: Why We Think Employee-Led Committees Are the Secret to Our Success – And Can Be Yours, Too

April 25, 2024

Employee-led committees can help you make impactful changes in your organization

BERKLEY, Mich.April 25, 2024 — Your company’s success is influenced by employees’ perspectives at all levels. When you harness collective expertise, passion, and creativity, you will see a shift in your company’s presence in both the professional setting and throughout the communities you touch. Energy Sciences, an energy and sustainability consulting company, has taken the time to explore the role of employee-led committees, sometimes referred to as Business Resource Groups, in the execution of company initiatives and decisions – here are three big takeaways:

1 – You cover more ground. Perhaps the most significant result Energy Sciences has seen is how quickly company goals have been achieved through committees. By dividing initiatives and projects based on specific employee interests, the commitment to moving projects along has shifted exponentially. The workload changes from feeling like an assignment to nurturing employee engagement in the work itself.

2 – You enhance your company’s culture. Employee-led committees serve as catalysts for cultural change within your organization. By empowering employees to take ownership of specific initiatives, you can cultivate a sense of pride and ownership that extends beyond the workplace, creating a ripple effect of positive change in your communities.

3 – You practice inclusivity instead of preaching it. One of the key benefits of the employee-led approach is the diverse perspectives it brings to the table. By involving employees from different departments and backgrounds, you foster innovation and identify creative solutions. These solutions meet company goals and expands employees’ skills and knowledge, as committee work provides opportunities to function outside of their current roles.

The Energy Sciences team upholds a culture of collaboration, innovation, and accountability all driven by the concerted efforts of its dedicated employee committees. Leveraging committee initiatives has not only set Energy Sciences apart, but can also elevate your organization to new heights.

About Energy Sciences:
Energy Sciences is a leading organization in the field of sustainability and energy solutions. The company was established in 2008 by Shelley Sullivan and Frank Schulmeister, both energy and environmental experts with a steadfast commitment to revolutionizing energy development practices while safeguarding the environment. Employing cutting-edge methodologies and unwavering dedication, Energy Sciences equips businesses and communities alike with the tools necessary to thrive in the ever-changing energy and decarbonization space. For more information, visit

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